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Your business will be serviced by our uninterrupted cold chain system. We maintain its integrity through each critical control
point from warehouse to transportation and retail, ensuring that all goods are delivered fresh, safe and halal.

NLCCN has proudly achieved the MS 2400-1:2010 and MS 2400-2:2010 certifications by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) which upholds the halal integrity of goods across the supply chain from farm to shelf. The Halalan Toyibban (HT) Standard assures you of ethical, hygenic and immaculate handling of food throughout supply chain from farm to shelf. We are the first in the country to receive the Halalan-Toyyiban certification that comply with the Malaysian Standard MS 2400:2010 from JAKIM.
  • Control measures are implemented at HT control points to prevent or eliminate food safety hazards
  • Where elimination is not possible, steps are taken to reduce food safety hazards to acceptable levels in line with the Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) concept
  • According to Shariah principles specified in the Malaysian HT standard MS 1500:2009, Toyyiban represents wholesomeness, goodness and is a statement of quality
  • The HT compliance translates into quality nutrition, aesthetic appeal and guaranteed safety
  • Products are not contaminated, adulterated, spoiled, denatured or degraded

Halal Certification