New Fleet, New Look, New Resolve!
2 September 2013

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Monday, 2nd September 2013 marked a significant milestone achievement for CCN when it launched its new fleet bearing the new logo and exterior design.

The impromptu event was attended by the staff of both Horticulture and Logistics at the MOFC foyer.

Encik Harun Johari, Group CEO of MAFC who officiated the launch in his address stressed that “the new trucks will undoubtedly instil pride for the company and is a start of the new journey to be the Best In Class:. CCN Managing Director, Encik Ariffin Buranudeen echoed the same sentiment and looked forward to more and new changes in services that would help drive and benefit the business of our customers. “CCN aims to deliver / overdeliver customer expectations”, he said.

Left to right: Armieaffezee Ariffin (Manager, Fleet & Logistics), Ariffin Buranudeen (Managing director, CCN), Harun Haji Johari (Group CEO, MAFC), Mohamed Zainurin Mohamed Zain (Group CFO, MAFC) & Zulkiflee Mohd Salled (Senior Mahager, Logistics Operation).
The new 18-tonner trucks consist of seven Nissan UD40 prime movers. Its new Euro2 engines are fitted with additional safety features for the drivers, whereas the ergonomically designed dashboards are much more advanced with comfortably larger cabins.

A refrigeration unit Carrier TS500 with -290C capability has been fitted to these trucks and features two compressors which enable it to function independently. This allows refrigeration in two compartments with different temperature settings. The new trucks are equipped with a Wireless Temperature Reader that enables real-time temperature monitoring by sending information to the CCN monitoring station.

“Data-Cold”, a temperature monitoring device is also available in the new trucks. It records temperature from the initial stage (loading) until the final stage (unloading) and a printout can also be made available to customers.

An upbeat CCN MD giving the thumbs up
Flooring of the refrigerated compartment now uses raised chequered plates which is more refrigeration-effective. Silicone air curtains and internal lighting are additional features as are mechanical security seals which will now be employed to replace the manual plastic seals for security enhancement. In order to provide a sense of ownership, two drivers will be dedicated to a truck. This new arrangement will further enhance pride and performance of drivers, who now described as “Ambassadors” of CCN.