Launch of Corporate Core Values
21 January 2014

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The MAFC Group of Companies (MAFC & CCN) started 2014 with the launch of Core Values by the Group CEO, En. Harun Haji Johari. Core values are the essence of the Company’s identity – the principles that guide an organisation and its employee’s internal conduct as well as its relationship with external customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. It creates a healthy work environment, builds proactive, empowered and dynamic teams, promotes a common language and behaviour throughout the organisation and projects positive and progressive image to external parties.

Our Core Values covers 5 elements – Service, Trust, Respect, Engagement and Pride.

1. Service – we go extra mile to serve our customers and colleagues.
2. Trust – we execute tasks correctly with honesty, integrity and timeliness.
3. Respect – we respect our customers and staff, and we treat everyone courteously.
4. Engagement – we collaborate and communicate with our customers and employees regularly.
5. Pride – we are proud to serve our customers and will consciously protect our image and reputation by delivering the best.

What this means to CCN customers

Customers can expect that we demonstrate all 5 Core Values. We invite your feedback anytime we do not fulfil our Core Values promises!

As heads up – more details in future issues

Other development and practices in CCN:

JAKIM Halal We have just been awarded the JAKIM Halal Malaysia certification! This certifies both Fleet and Warehouse Operations as Halal Logistics.
KPI Driven Company We have been KPI-centric for several years, keeping track of various internal and customer performance measures.
Cold Chain Integrity We are working on tightening our Cold Chain Integrity SOPs and expertise, to ensure that your goods enjoy unbroken Cold Chain Integrity from Farm to Retail shelf! External audits and certifications to follow soonest!

CCN Managing Director, En Ariffin Buranudeen (left) accompanying Group CEO, En Harun Haji Johari (right) to sign the Core Values poster
Here to serve you! Challenge us on our Core Values!