Integrated Supply Chain Solutions

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Bringing you to the marketplace

Leveraging on our client base and networking, we can offer you the marketplace for all types of frozen or chilled food including fresh fruits and vegetables.

We will apply our experience to the market requirements and ensure all details of the supply chain activities are covered by the service expected from your supply chain partner.

Yellow Box Services:

  • Complete temperature controlled warehouse services (supported by ambient warehouse services)
  • Complete transportation services (including product collection from your location to the marketplace
  • Product management (packaging and packing, bulk break and repacking)
  • Sales management
  • Merchandising (including branding and promotion)
  • Order management
  • Finance management
  • Contract management
  • Customer care
  • Quality control
  • Other customised services

Supply Chain Management

NLCCN provides a supply chain management service that is second to none. This is achieved through the expertise of dedicated specialists in supply chain management. The customer focused team has the experience and expertise to develop robust and reliable supply chain solutions.

The division works on these key principles:
  • Each customer’s supply chain solution and process management is unique and provides visibility, control, and flexibility
  • Neutrality when designing any solution is crucial
  • A customer and process-focused solution helps build long term trust

Customer and process-focussed solutions
  • Experience and expertise to develop robust and reliable supply chain solutions

Total supply chain management
  • Design, implementation, and management of stand-alone warehousing and distribution operations