Best In Class Program 2015
5 March 2015

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The Logistics BIC journey started in 2013. To be world class will take time, but in the past 2 years, a few initiatives were implemented. We have achieved some improvements in the business operations. We will continue with this journey, so that we will truly become Best In Class throughout the Warehouse and Fleet Operations.

It is very important for CCN to be recognised by our customers as a Best In Class Company for Warehouse and Fleet operations. BIC initiatives would also contribute to higher profitability, enhanced efficiency, while ensuring safety and compliance through continuous monitoring and improvements.

The BIC initiatives will target to address the areas in Fleet Operations and Warehouse Operations which include People, Processes and Tools. All efforts will be made to ensure that business improvements would be sustainable.

Logistics Best In Class (BIC) Program 2015 has been officially launched by our Group CEO, En. Harun Haji Johari and Managing Director cum Project Sponsor, En. Ariffin Buranudeen on Thursday, 5th March 2015.

The objectives of the Logistics BIC are to achieve the Company’s Balance Score Card KPIs by end 2015 and to be recognized as a “Leading Edge” Company in Warehouse and Fleet Operations in 2015, progressing towards “World Class” in 2017.

Over 20 BIC projects have been identified based on industry best practise.