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Cold chain is not just moving items in a cooler box from one place to another. In today's ever changing customer requirements, manufacturing processes, new materials, new uses for cold chain, moving temperature sensitive shipment is becoming increasingly complex.

Our ongoing commitment to innovation and extensive research allows us to anticipate the way forward in the cold-chain horizon. We understand that different customers require different set of solutions. That is why we work closely and meticuluously with the customer before proposing the best solutions to fit your need.

NLCCN offers complete supply chain solutions leveraging on its highly experienced management team and support staff as well as its one stop centre with modern facilities and ICT systems to exceed the expectations of its clients. This framework has been developed to support and accomodate the best-in-class approach when offering solutions within the temperature controled market sectors and services, as well as providing all general logistics services.

Having served the Malaysian and Singaporean cold-chain industry for nearly ten years, NLCCN has garnered extensive experience and continue to invest in itself. We are a certified cold-chain logistics provider and also the first to receive the Halalan Toyyiban Assured Pipeline certificate. We pride ourselves in keeping up-to-date with technology to constantly improve our services.

We look forward to talking with you.

Recognised as the leading solutions provider for temperature controlled supply chain.